Forthcoming Two Day Animal Communication Workshops
Suffolk UK: May 13th & 14th 2017
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 Cheltenham, Glos. Uk: October 14th & 15th 2017
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Why Learn Remotely? please see new section below..









with Jane Summers


Feedback from previous workshops:

"A far more in depth introduction to AC than I had anticipated, showing it in a more honest and ethical way than I had realised was possible."

"More content than anticipated having been on one other AC course. Covered in far more detail and easier to understand. Excellent weekend."

"I enjoyed these two days immensely.  All aspects of the course were balanced and enabled me to be at ease. Heartfelt thanks"

"This was a fabulous, highly informative workshop, which far exceeded my whole expectations of A-C. Over and above, I came away with much more than expected."

 "Would highly recommend your workshop to anyone serious about animal communication."             

"Informative. Joyful. Supportive. Wonderful.  Very well presented with real passion!... My heart feels infinity huge today, and I thank you from the furtherest reaches for what you have given me."

"Very thorough in presented content  & informal much of what you said resonated deeply.."

"Very detailed and thorough... gave me confidence in continuing with AC. "

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 Are you are wondering 'how it feels' to recognise telepathic messages from animals ?

Have you experienced other AC workshops but feel you could benefit from further information?

.....maybe you are looking to practise on a deeper level,

.. or, simply just curious..?


Pure AC workshops detail, exactly, how I work with animal communication and are designed to assist you in refining your own personal telepathic abilities.

Each two-day workshop teaches, and then explores more deeply the intricacies of refining ones telepathic abilities, so to practise animal communication for optimum clarity.

The workshops focus on working with telepathy remotely, as opposed to working with animals in immediate proximity (in-person). I have found this to be the most focused way to concentrate for maximum telepathic detail. The information expressed in the workshops however, can still be applied towards your own in-person animal communications at home.

The workshops may particularly assist individuals for whom practising in-person AC has, so far, left question marks as to how one can connect on a further or deeper level. They are equally suitable for anyone (over 18 years of age) looking for a basic 'beginner' level animal communication class.

Each course present as follows:




  • What is AC? - and what it isn't.
  • Remote AC as opposed to In-person & why distance doesn't matter
  • How does AC 'work'?
  • Base essentials for quality telepathy with animals
  • Preparing yourself and your mind
  • Factors to assist clarity of connection
  • Quietening the mind; whats the best way for YOU?
  • How working via photographs can assist quality of information
  • FUNDAMENTAL procedure steps of communicating
  • Connecting on an even deeper level; enhanced procedure steps: FUNDAMENTAL PLUS
  • Qualities to develop for easier telepathic connection
  • Recognising your own individual senses unique to you
  • The words you think and say; how they matter with AC
  • Forming the most effective questions
  • Focusing in the most effective ways to communicate
  • Getting into the mindset of an animal communicator
  • Working with writing via a transcript
  • Producing a transcript; from a word to a paragraph
  • Automatic dictation versus automatic writing
  • Setting up your AC session for optimal effect
  • What does it feel like to receive a message?
  • How to recognise messages
  • Sending messages; achieving optimum clarity of conveyance
  • Blocks to AC - forewarned is fore-armed
  • Overcoming blocks; check points of assistance
  • Ethics and etiquettes of telepathing with animals
  • Further information, practise ideas, exercises, encouragement and more...




  • Animals' personalities; how these convey during AC
  • How animals 'speak'; 'voices' 'language' & listening for clair-audient intonations
  • Is it the person or the animal?: mirroring emotional & mental mindsets of people
  • Working with behavioural circumstances; AC & commonly experienced issues: cats and litter boxes, hierarchy in a household, taking on a rescued animal...
  • Time & AC: past, present, future, linear time, clocks and dates,Life-times / other lives..
  • Medical issues: Bodyscans, AC and the animals body: What's possible & what's ethical?
  • Lost animals: Where do we start & how can it end?
  • Death dying and passing to spirit
  • Animals in Spirit: beyond the physical senses


Each workshop is arranged with intent to optimise individual encouragement. International enquires for workshops welcome.  One-to-one and small group private workshops available within the UK, distance/cost relative. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange these.

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Why Learn Remotely?


  • Animals rarely look at us face to face for more than a moment or two at any one time when we are physically with them. So the reality of 'having to have a live animal with you so to learn & practise AC', is that the animal - unless asleep-, will very likely be moving/moving around, investigating their environment, playing with toys/companions, grooming, &/or all manner of other lovely activiites which their physicality or species dictates. And until one is certain of achieving optimal focus around live animals & people, practising remotely is most assisting to evolving ones ability.


  • Quietening the mind (for most people) is key. Quietening the mind & not being interrupted by physical  distraction/interaction when you start to relay a received intuitive response greatly assists your practise & ultimately your confidence.


  • Enhanced focus can enable far greater detail of information to be noted.


  • Gaining confidence in your ability is to do so steadily. Learning a rounded approach gaining awareness of various techniques is just as important as practise on a basic level.


  • There are numerous occasions you may wish to connect with your animal companion when they are not in immediate proximity:

              - Whilst you out/returning at unanticipated times

              - Staying overnight/holidays away

              - During their kennel or vet appointments

              - Before you approach them physcially

              - When you have retired to bed but still wish to enquire of an issue

              - When they are sleeping out of sight.


  • Connecting with loved animals in spirit, can only be achieved, of course, by remote AC. Whilst this aspect of AC, initially for some, can appear daunting, most animal lovers once confident in their ability, relish the reality of acknowledging connection with a loved animal passed.


  • Telepathic communication, literally is communication over distance.Those wishing to focus primarily on 'in person' interactions may like to reconsider telepathys true potential.


Ulitimately, as MUCH as we love being with animals, it truly makes sense to firstly learn & practise the art of telepathic communication, remotely, before relying only on AC with animals by our side.

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A Comprehensive  Two Day Course

13th & 14th May 2017


Now in its fifth year. Suitable for both 'Beginner' level or for those enhancing AC ability


SUNDAY 14th MAY 9.30am – 6.00pmAPPLIED ANIMAL COMMUNICATION [Pre-requisite Day One ]

The Harmony Centre is an internationally renowned centre for learning, research, healing and personal development in harmony with nature and humanity. Situated in the heart of beautiful Suffolk countryside, its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere is a perfect location for this workshop where a quietened mind is key.

Tea, coffee, and herbal/light refreshments will be available inclusively. Nearby, Halesworth, a short drive away from the Harmony Centre, has individual shops, cafes and rail link to London.

Please bring with you writing paper and pen and most importantly, individual photographs of if possible, five animals you are familiar with - ie, animal individuals which you have knowledge of their character and general history since you have known them.

Photographs may include those of animals both living or in spirit. Clear eyed pictures of an animal on their own are the most helpful.(Further fiiner details, & suggested - but non obligatory(!) - pre-reading for the course, specific weekend/venue details & more, all upon confirmation of booking..)   Booking Essential


BOOKING & COST [kindly know fees reflect hosting of this event in this capacity at this much loved venue ].


                                                           ~FUNDAMENTAL &  FUNDAMENTAL PLUS TECHNIQUES:

                                                                                                                        Admit One: £125  


                                                             [Pre-requisite attendance of Day One ]

                                                           Admit One £125               

If you have already attended a Workshop with me,& would like to repeat one or both days, there is a discounted fee of £100 per day. Please just detail which month & year you lastly attended along with your booking form. Thank you .

To attend: please complete a booking form ( available to/paste/copy via menu: AC Booking Form) or write/call to recieve one via post or as attachment.Then, send full payment along with your completed form to secure your place (availability permitting) preferably before 3rd May 2017. If wishing to book after this date please email me (4-11th)  to check availability or telephone on 12th May. Kindly know payments are non-refundable within one month prior to any workshop date and all bookings for this workshop are non transferable.


mail: Jane Summers 108 Old Yarmouth Rd, Ellingham,Bungay. Suffolk. NR35 2PG.

telephone: 01508 518969

If on occasion of the workshop being cancelled or re-scheduled by myself you may re-schedule if convenient, or receive monies refunded in full.

If you require a list of locally recommended places to stay during the weekend please just let me know.

And if you have any questions, about any aspect of the course, please do write or call me.

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to Find out More

about Workshops


To receive updates of all forthcoming workshops/talks & courses please send an email to

with your name & 'Subscribe AC Info'

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  Qualification/Certification as an Animal Communicator
"Is there a professional certificate/do I receive a qualification after your course?"

Gently to say: No - & for the following reasons:
There is no official governing body- UK or Worldwide - for professional animal communicators (ACers),- & therefore no AC course which offers 'certification' is actually any better necessarily than any other which doesn't 'certify'.

Most reputable courses/ AC teachers with integrity - offering certificates or not - encourage any student to practise extensively for at least a year or more, so to be achieving a better & more rounded understanding of how they personally 'register' telepathic messages /& so gaining their own experiences in how cases can present - before encouraging the individual to progress to presenting as any sort of professional status.

Because of the amount of practise one is best advised to do prior to becoming an AC professional, then, a majority of workshops/courses do not issue qualifiying certificates from attending workshops.

I further also advise workshop attendees not to attempt claiming to be/or advertising as a professional until putting in dedicated time to thoroughly practise/& so recieve regular positive validations from working with ie a minimum of 50 -100 'cases' or so.
It may be said that the integrity and professionalism of any individual in this field tends to be spread mainly by word of mouth rather than by advertising or on the back of any certification though, & so, usually only ACers who have honestly put in thorough time and dedication to evolve their practise & who really wish to work professionally, tend to predominantly surface, thankfully.

The subject of issuing certifcates or not -albeit even of 'just' 'attendance' has been a long standing issue of consideration amongst long experienced earlier/first generation Acers. Not least because such 'Certificates of attendance', if given out, its been found, may then be presented inaccurately as if of pure accreditation once in hand.

As more and more ACers now offer courses, it can seem the most attractive option, at least for some, to take up one which easily or automatically offers certification, & as 'proof' of AC ability. It is a personal choice of course.
Though I love the quote by actress, Sasha Azevedo

"We can teach from our experience, but we cannot teach experience"


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One-to-One & Private Workshops

One-to-one and small workshops for two or more - distance/cost relative - may be arranged
in your locality, cost permitting.

To arrange a group booking please nominate one person in your group as the primary correspondent/liaison for this. Group payments are requested to be forwarded in total for ease of processing. Thank you


Basic Tuition rates are as follows:



Minimum 6 attendees:

Cost per individual* - £115 Day One

£230 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire costs & travel expenses as applicable


Minimum of 5 attendees:

Cost per individual* - £120 Day One

£240 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire costs & travel expenses as applicable


Minimum of 4 attendees

Cost per individual* - £150 Day One

£300 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire costs & travel expenses as applicable


Minimum of 3 attendees

Cost per individual* - £200 Day One

£400 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire costs & travel expenses as applicable


Minimum of 2 attendees

Cost per individual* - £300 Day One

£600 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire & travel expenses as applicable


One-to-One Tuition

Cost per individual*- £600 Day One

£1200 - Day One and Day Two

*plus venue hire & travel expenses as applicable



Logistics dependant

Minimum of 7 attendees for Two Day Workshop
Cost per individual*- £240 Day One & Day Two

*plus accommodation/venue costs met


Further to any Pure AC Two Day Workshop private tuition at an hourly or half day (UK) rate may also be arranged.

To enquire or arrange : Please email: or,

Telephone 01508 518969


~ ~ ~ ~ ~



If interested, please get in touch and let me know where you are located.
Currently, Pure AC workshops present for 18 years & over,
I would be happy to create & present further workshops
for 7-10, 11-12, & 13 -17 year olds if requested

~ ~ ~




If you are interested in hosting an Introductory talk on Animal Communication

Please get in touch

via email:

or telephone 01508 518969


Power point style presentational talk. Personal amplification system supplied.

Time approx. 50/60 minutes and thereafter questions taken if requested.

A screen/screen area is appreciated to be set up beforehand.

Fees & Availability:

 Fees & expenses relative to distance/travel time from NR35 2PG Suffolk UK /if requiring overnight accomodation. Please indicate type of event,location and anticipated number/members attending.

NB* If requiring a speaker at short notice/a stand in for your own speaker cancelling, please also contact me as I may be able to step in.

What is the Introductory talk about?

The 'Doctor Dolittle' in All of Us:

An Introduction to Animal Communication

Animal Communication (AC) is mind to mind (telepathic) communication with other species. Frequently acknowledged worldwide as being complementary to understanding behavioural and emotional issues with animals, it is a field of practise increasingly being more widely realised and embraced by animal lovers and animal orientated professions.
The presentation is a thought provoking introduction to how each of us may enhance telepathic ability and communicate with animals. Further, it explores whether telepathy may be practised in a similar way to assist people too. Supported throughout by anecdotal evidence and personal validations of AC, its detail holds potential interest not only to animal lovers, but to carers of others without a voice.



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For the article :'4 Tips to Better Telepathy with Horses' please visit